Will free virus scans make my computer faster?

Computers should make people’s lives easier, but sometimes we feel that they only exist around us to cause us endless frustration. The most popular advice for all slow computers is to use a free antivirus program to speed up your computer, but this makes a lot of assumptions about what is wrong with your computer. Every day when you start your computer, it takes extra time to “read” every trace of breadcrumb, which slows down your work. As with any machine exposed to the elements, everything starts to blur, and the question is whether a free antivirus will help.

Claims that you can “clean” and “speed up” your computer – for a fee – can be found all over the Internet, but will free antivirus help speed up your computer?

Your PC or Mac contains temporary files and “cookies” from places you have visited on the Internet. Cookies may speed up the download of the site you visit frequently, but these files will remain on your computer the whole time if you don’t clean them constantly. Many antivirus companies claim that removing them improves the performance of your PC, and in many cases this is true, but few companies prove it to their users.

Some really good antivirus products offer special features for antivirus programs or applications that clean unwanted files from your PC, remove spyware leaves from your PC, and allow you to add or remove files, some products also include defragmentation option in your free scan to speed up your PC. So the answer to the question is yes, free virus scans can identify all the factors that make your computer slow and help you eliminate them.