How good is free Internet security?

Internet security is difficult to determine. It’s a bit like a protocol that you should stick to, not a particular software or tool. Software alone will not protect you enough on the Internet, you need to know about ads and sites that look suspicious, and be able to identify the signs that protect you more.

Free or paid Internet security is not really one thing, but to be better protected, we recommend you to buy and install a paid antivirus package. This is not technically a paid Internet security, as some of the steps you need to take depend on your own knowledge and experience (which are free), but it is a major step towards adequate Internet security. Free anti-virus asoftware is not enough, it usually does not provide enough tools, settings in the Control Panel are limited and scanning can be limited. It is not necessary to take risks, we promise you.

Another way to fight against Internet security is to stick to safe sites, but how do you know if a site is safe? Look for https:// on the top left of your browser. The “s” symbol means “safe” and is much safer than a standard http site. However, if you do not process data or make payments online, the standard http protocol should be sufficient. Returning to payments… so pay attention not only to https, but also to the padlock icon in the top left corner. It should be on the same line as the https, just to the left. This also ensures that the site is secure and that payments can be made securely.

Finally, make sure you have a paid antivirus program to start, otherwise upgrade it or buy it today! Also pay attention to simple tips implemented in modern browsers that show that the sites are safe. Internet security is a big problem, we won’t lie, but fighting it is easier than you think!