How do you know your mac has a virus?

Viruses are quite rare compared to Windows, so you might think you have immunity to catch one of them. That’s not true. There are several ways to determine if your Mac was infected with a virus.

Pop-ups and unexpected advertising – Advertising software is becoming more and more popular on a Mac. So if you see ads in places where they haven’t appeared before, there’s a good chance that you’ve been infected with adware. Especially if pop-ups appear without opening an Internet browser.

So good virus protection for a Mac is important.

Your Mac is slow – It’s usually a sign that your Mac has some kind of virus, whether it’s malware, spyware, or adware. Malware is the most dangerous type of software, but there is little chance of a Mac being infected with this type of virus.

Run Malware Scan – For security, we recommend downloading and installing an antivirus package, which is the only secure way to scan for viruses. But not only do they scan for viruses and system errors, they should also clean and remove dangerous software.

If you think your Mac has been infected, or if you want to prevent virus infection, we recommend you to get Total AV today.