If you can’t get rid of Spyware, just Nuke it and Re-Install Windows!

Some people spend hours – even days – finding the best antivirus software and then cleaning up an infected Windows system, finally checking that it is clean and secure. But if all else fails – just reinstall Windows and start over.

This can seem like a daunting task, especially if you do not have good backups of important files. However, it is worth it to quickly clean up the infection and make sure that your computer system is safe.

The key to backing up your computer is to make sure that it does not become infected in the first place. That’s why antivirus applications are launched that can scan programs before they run, which ideally prevents malware from running even once. When a malware goes through this protection, it has carte blanche on your system until it is detected and removed.

Antivirus programs are not perfect. To really clean your system, you need to run an antivirus boot disk to scan your Windows system for malware and try to remove everything – or at least reboot it into safe mode. This scanning process takes some time and there is no guarantee that it will be 100% successful. If your system is infected and your antivirus software finds and removes one or more infections – or more alarmingly, multiple infections – there is no guarantee that your system is completely safe.

To fix this problem, you can run several different antivirus programs and scan your system with these different engines to get a second, third and possibly even fourth opinion. It takes more and more time and you will never be 100% sure that everything is missing and that your system is completely safe.