Do you need a firewall?

Our lives are constantly shaped by the Internet, the miracle of the 21st century, which opened the door to global connectivity, endless possibilities and modern conveniences. But the Internet does not do without its pitfalls, dark corners and predators, so you need to use firewall security before you go into cyberspace.

A firewall is usually software – often embedded in most modern operating systems – that applies certain rules to the types of data that can be transmitted between networks. In fact, they filter traffic to minimize the risk of malicious files and viruses spreading on the public Internet.

In other words, a firewall can be considered a virtual barrier designed to limit damage by preventing internal and external cyber attacks. Firewalls help protect your devices from unauthorized remote access and inappropriate/intrusive content, and make your life on the Internet more secure. In general, most computers are safer with a firewall, but this depends on what your Internet activity actually involves.

There are different types of firewalls, two of which are the most important being the network firewall and the host firewall. Network firewalls can act as a virtual firewall service or be integrated into a cloud infrastructure, while host-based firewalls are installed on separate servers and monitor inbound and outbound traffic.