Do the Macs have viruses? Do I need a Mac cleaner?

Can a Mac get the virus and do I need a Mac Antivirus? The short answer is yes. Apple computers are generally less likely to be infected with the virus than Windows computers. This is mainly because the Windows market is much larger, virus developers want to target as many victims as possible, and the virus is much more likely to spread if you target more people. Spending time developing a virus for a small percentage of the market would be almost a waste of time.

Mac Cleaner is very important, our list recommends a few great ones for all devices or Clean My Mac or MacKeeper for Mac only.

Here are other reasons why Apple computers are less susceptible to infection than Windows computers:

1. Mac OS X, built on the Unix kernel, one of the oldest and most secure operating systems.

2. The virus developers are more familiar with Microsoft Windows, so it is easier for them to create a virus for this platform.

3. Most scripts, tools and code used to create viruses or malware are designed to work with Microsoft Windows.

4. Mac computers have built-in security software called Gatekeeper, which prevents third party applications from running unless they are digitally signed and approved by Apple.


However, there are global tools that can cause viruses on both Mac and Windows through browser extensions and plug-ins such as Java or Adobe Flash. Most users will have them installed, which will compromise the security of the entire system.

Today, the popularity of Mac computers has increased so much that the market is much more attractive to virus developers, so viruses are more common on Mac computers. In 2014, a serious security breach was discovered – if you were connected to an insecure Wi-Fi hotspot, a hacker could access all your personal data.

For security reasons, we recommend that you protect your Mac with antivirus software. Security first!