Can Antivirus Block Pop-Up Ads?

Now it seems that almost all sites function as e-commerce, with advertising – be it banners or videos – bombarding our screens and often ruining surfing. These types of advertising are known as pop-ups, and although they are sometimes tolerant, they are usually just frustrating.

They can appear first on the page, interfere with scrolling, break up text and make it difficult to digest content. And because your device is cluttered with the ubiquitous hustle and bustle – whether it’s a desktop computer, laptop or mobile phone – it will not only confuse your browser, but also slow it down.

So how do we stop these annoying, inexorable pop-ups forever? There are several ways to do this, such as setting up individual browser settings to block ads and installing an extension to block ads in your browser. The latter is available from various developers working with specific platforms such as Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

The antivirus market today is incredibly competitive, with most, if not all, major brands fighting for first place, offering much more than the standard antivirus and malware protection base. These vendors now want to go even further and offer a range of additional features, including pop-up/additional blockers.

Therefore, the answer is yes, antivirus can – in the form of a browser extension – provide the user with a solution to remove pop-ups. Since it is important for all of us to protect our devices with a serious antivirus application (given the development of cybercrime), it also makes sense to use advertising blockers for the service.

The ad blockers provided by these bundles are usually more convenient, as most of them can be activated within seconds of installation from the application’s handy control panel, without having to configure different settings for each individual browser.