5 Tips to Make Your Mac Faster

There’s nothing like the feeling of being fresh and ready to use a Mac. It’s quick, you smile from ear to ear. But at the end of your honeymoon, you wonder why your Mac has become so slow and insensitive. Here are five tips to help you make your Mac faster:

1. Clean your hard drive. If your hard drive is overloaded with things like apps, photos, videos, or music, it’s time to get serious about your organization. You can be rude. If you have a ton of data collecting digital dust, it’s time to erase it or back it up in iCloud or on an external device.

2. Uninstall applications. You can then clean your hard drive by uninstalling all useless applications. Most files, such as photos and documents, can be dragged and dropped in the Recycle Bin, but remember that applications such as games, office packages, and photo editors must be properly uninstalled.

3. Upgrade your Mac. It’s your responsibility to keep your machine up to date. Installing the latest Apple MacOS operating system, which provides the highest level of security and an advanced system, can increase your machine’s speed. If you continue to experience problems, you should consider upgrading your Mac hardware.

4. Disable visual effects. Most modern Apple products are known for their stunning graphics and visual effects. Even if they looked great in the days when your Mac was faster, now they can help reduce system performance. Turn them off and watch for any speed improvements.

5. Empty the caches. Your Mac creates multiple cache files to speed up the download of apps and websites. While this process is inherently beneficial, it is a double-edged sword, because our hard drives end up clogged with cached data, which can slow down performance.